How To Use

Creating an Account On Shrinkme

To create an account on shrinkme click on the sign up button on the upper right hand coner. Now you have to fill in the information and make sure you have the email and information all correct because it can be used to make changes later in your account. The information requires : username, password, email address, and password. Don't type in the password of your email account, only something you can remember so you can login the account. Now go through I am not a robot, and check the I agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. After that click register, great! Now your account is actived you can click login and type in the account email or username and the password you created before.

How it works

If you want to make money right off the bat, then click dashboard if you aren't already there. Now you will be prestened with a lot of things look to your left and side and you will see a box that says "New Shorten Link". Click that and where it says"Your Url Here" paste in the url you copied into it, it could be anything, but your already shortened urls or other peoples from this site. Click on the shorten button and it will generate your url which then you can copy and share to people and your friends! Share it to your facebook, youtube, websites, whatsapp, and everything else you can imagine. Great you got your site and some money, how do I withdraw that?

Withdrawing Money

Awesome you made it to the 3rd step of this site withdrawing money - just click the settings button and fill out the information there. NOTE : if the information is not correct we will not be able to give you the money! Ok so you have filled out the information then make your way to withdraw. You will be presented with 3 boxes - 1 blue, 1 red, and 1 green. The blue one will show you balance you have on the site. The second one AKA the red one will show you pending balance, or balance you have requsted to get in your paypal. Then the third box also the green box, it shows you the money you have already have gotten. You will also see a button on the bottem that says "Withdraw" click that and a pop-up will pop and say are you sure. Then the money will move to the pending withdraw where we will get it. Now please understand that if you don't get your money in 1 week it most likely because the payment of google is yet to come, we will pay you right when we get it!

And thats it! So simple yet seems so complicated to people!